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Be sure to check back soon as I'm working on a proposal set in Montana that will follow the perilous paths of three brothers as each finds their perfect match and uncovers the dark secrets of their past. I can promise danger, twisting plots, cowboys, a princess and a murder or two (or more). I'll post more on this as it develops. In the meantime, here's a head's up: My June release, THE BABY'S BODYGUARD, is linked to A BABY BETWEEN THEM through characters. I know four months is a long time to wait, but rest assured, each book is complete unto itself.


Current releases - The Open Sky Series

Westin's Wyoming Westin's Wyoming
Released September 2011

Welcome to the world of the Open Sky Ranch where the men are as rugged as the jagged peaks that surround them.  The series begins with WESTIN'S WYOMING, release date September 2011.  Pierce, the rebellious brother, left Wyoming as a young man planning never to return.  A desperate call from his older brother brings him back -- and it's not long before he realizes that in his heart, he never really left.  When a beautiful woman  with a heap load of trouble lands on his doorstep it's up to him to protect not only her but the land he loves.

The series continues in October with the release of WESTIN LEGACY.  In this book, Adam teams up with Echo, the step-cousin he hasn't seen in many years.  Together, they uncover secrets of a past that threatens to destroy the future.

And in November 2011, the final book in the Open Sky series, WESTIN FAMILY TIES showcases Cody, the oldest of the brothers, as he struggles to keep his marriage -- and his wife -- alive.

westin legacyWestin Legacy
To be released October 2011

From the moment Echo De Gris mysteriously returned to the Open Sky Ranch, Adam Westin felt the sparks fly. The girl he'd known was all grown up, however, trouble still followed her wherever she went. She'd barely been in town a day when she was shot at, chased, and stumbled upon a dying man. And yet the high-spirited beauty insisted on being involved in ferreting out the truth behind the town's deadly secrets. Frustrated with the slow investigation, Adam and Echo took refuge in some much-needed tension relief. But their reprieve was short-lived when whoever was targeting Echo suddenly set his sights on destroying the Westin family ranch—and the man who took pride in its legacy.…

westin family tiesWestin Family Ties
To be released November 2011

Cody Westin had been a man on a mission since the moment his wife, Cassie, walked away under a cloud of secrecy. She had her reasons, but a Westin never gives up without a fight. So when, after six long months, he was reunited with the woman he'd sworn to love, honor and cherish, it was her very pregnant belly and the fact that she'd been accused of unspeakable crimes that made him realize just how much had changed. Knowing she'd be safer by his side, they headed back to Wyoming and the life Cassie seemed desperate to leave behind. Unfortunately, danger followed, and now Cody not only had a marriage to protect, but the lives of those who mattered most. Would the trouble bring them closer together—or tear their newfound family apart?





Back list

the baby's bodyguardThe Baby's Bodyguard
Release June 2010


But Jack Starling was very much alive and looking for answers. His investigation into his crew's ambush leads him to the fling he had a year ago with Hannah Marks. Although Jack is reluctant to believe Hannah had a role in the attack, it is clear she's hiding something, and Jack's suspicions only mount when he meets her daughter.

Determined to unveil her secrets, he vows to stay close. Then Hannah is nearly killed, and Jack must step in-as her baby's bodyguard-while battling his growing desire for the woman who might have betrayed him.


a baby between themA Baby Between Them
Release Feb. 1, 2010

From the moment Ella Baxter vanishes, Seattle cop Simon Task knows it's up to him to bring her home. Especially once he learns she's pregnant with his child. Now, charging through the danger that shadows her and reminding her of their intensely passionate shared past is all that matters. As they follow cryptic clues to learn why she is being targeted, Simon senses there are things Ella would rather not remember. Still, getting her to trust him when she can't even remember him is a challenge he's up for. Breaking the news to her that she's pregnant may not be quite as easy….

RT Book Reviews: "This is one scary fun rocking ride filled with danger" (4 stars).


agent daddyAgent Daddy
Released Oct. 13, 2009

All hell broke loose when word spread that a vengeful serial killer was headed for the Triple T ranch. Fearing the worst, former FBI agent Luke Tripper entrusted his orphaned niece and nephew to Faith Bishop's tender loving care while he hunted down his prey. Their smoldering attraction chased away the winter chill, but the fiercely independent schoolteacher bristled when the brusque cattleman ordered round-the-clock protection. Despite the looming danger, Faith's unflinching courage stirred Trip's deepest emotions… and he hungered to hold her close. Now with the body count rising and his loved ones in peril, would this hometown hero lay his heart on the line?

RT Book Reviews: "Sharpe's characters are tough, funny and forthright, and the plot is a top-notch mystery peppered with red herrings" (4 stars).


multiples mysteryMultples Mystery
Released March 10, 2009

Olivia Capri knew giving birth to quads would cause a stir in her media-starved small town. But she didn't realize it would bring back Zac Bishop, the boy she'd once loved with all her teenaged heart. Luckily, as sheriff, he'd returned just in time. It seemed someone was after her and her babies thanks to a past she knew nothing about. And though she knew whoever it was didn't stand a chance against Zac and his protective nature, reminiscing about old times stirred up too many long-buried emotions. Still, Zac assured her everything would be okay, all she had to do was trust him. And she did. With everything but her heart.


bodyguard fatherBodyguard Father
Released Aug. 12, 2008

Garrett Skye took his bodyguard job seriously. So when he was accused of taking a life rather than protecting one, he was left with few options but to go on the run. Unfortunately, amateur P.I. Annie Ryder insisted on bringing him to justice. The woman was easy on the eyes, and convincing her of his innocence didn't take much. Especially when she learned about the little girl he'd do anything to protect. Before long they'd uncovered a plot bigger than they'd imagined. But even more worrisome was that Garrett found himself falling for Annie, against every fiber of his ladies' man reputation.…

RT Book Reviews: " finish the job her dead father began, but she falls for the fleeing man. Sharpe tosses together terrifying action, a sexy hero, a tenderhearted heroine and a classic mystery for a first-class read" (4.5 stars).


lawman's secret sonThe Lawman's Secret Son
Released July 8, 2008

Former cop Brady Skye hadn't seen Lara Kirk in nearly a year, and yet she could still penetrate his soul with a twitch of her lips. But with a murderer hot on his trail, seeking revenge, Brady had no time for reminiscing. For whoever was after him also had his sights set on Lara...and the child Brady had never known existed. Now, in order to keep them safe, Brady appointed himself their protector. Spending time with Lara and bonding with his son made the closed-off Brady rethink his self-imposed solitude. But how long before the past and a killer reminded him of all he had to lose?

RT Book Reviews: " a first-rate mystery charged with spine-tingling action and sexual tension" (4.5 stars).


avenging angelAvenging Angel
Released March 11, 2008

Undercover agent Pete Waters was all business until a beautiful distraction became an elusive gunman's target. Now, on top of conducting his own mission, Pete was constantly keeping Elle Medina out of harm's way. Though the businesswoman claimed she was innocent of any wrongdoing, the threats to her life--and the tugging at Pete's protective instincts--seemed to be increasing. Pete knew Elle was hiding something, but interrogating her would blow his own cover. So he kept his identity secret and vowed to make her safety his number one priority. Even if he had to watch her back all night long...


royal heirRoyal Heir
Released Oct. 9, 2007

Securing his baby's future meant uncovering a royal past shrouded in mystery... Just days after he was falsely reported dead, Will Chastain watched in horror as his infant son, Leo, was kidnapped by an impostor. Moments too late, the real legal guardian, Julia Sheridan, appeared to claim the boy.

Now a long-buried secret had Will trekking to a remote riot-torn town, a persistent Julia by his side. There, Leo could be in line for the throne...or in the crosshairs of an enemy's rifle. With an unknown rival gunning for them, Will vowed to protect Julia and fought hard to keep his hands to himself. But all the king's men couldn't stop them from discovering a shattering royal truth within.

RT Book Reviews: "Alice Sharpe knows how to wrap a mystery within a mystery, and her faultless plotting and complicated clues add a bright spark to 'Royal Heir'" (4 stars).


duplicate daughterDuplicate Daughter
Released July 11, 2006

RT Book Reviews: "Sharpe notches up the terror and twists the plot as Nick and Katie race against a deadline, dodging assasins to find an incriminating disc and rescue her mother" (4 stars).




my sister, myselfMy Sister, Myself
Released June 13, 2006

RT Book Reviews: "In Alice Sharpe's, 'My Sister, Myself,' Tess assumes her sister's identity to find out who wants her dead. Ryan's a good guy, Tess is a gutsy and compassionate woman; both want the mystery solved in Sharpe's intriguing tale" (4 stars).




undercover babiesUndercover Babies
Released Jan. 1, 2005







a tail of loveA Tail of Love
Released March 14, 2006

RT Book Reviews: "A chance encounter with her ex, attorney Rick Manning, is tough for teacher Isabelle Winters, but she puts it behind her and concentrates on helping her recently separated friend run her catering company. Then Isabelle discovers that Rick and his witchy fiancee are clients of her friend, and she has to deal somehow. It's not easy, because Isabelle and Rick have unresolved feelings for each other. Could they make it work now, if they tried? Only Isabelle's fox terrier, Marnie, knows for sure! Alice Sharpe continues Perpetually Yours with 'A Tail of Love.' The characters and plot are well crafted, and Marnie's witty observations are priceless." (4 stars).

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Harlequin Intrigue, 2003

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Desert Magic
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Deadly Inheritance
Avalon, 1991

Love's Tender Portrait
Avalon, 1991

Sail Away!
Avalon, 1991

AnnaBelle's Secret
Avalon, 1991

Yesterday's Dreams
Avalon, 1991

Murder at the Marina
Avalon, 1990

The Vanishing Bridegroom
Avalon, 1990

A Storybook Love
Avalon, 1990

Just One More Secret
Avalon, 1990

A Garland of Love
Avalon, 1990

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