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Welcome to my newly revamped website (thanks to the ever amazing, beautiful talented Lisa!) My idea of the perfect book is a mix of romance and danger with a plot that twists, surprises and keeps me turning pages to the end. That's the kind of book I love to write as well, where figuring out who is trying to kill and wreck mayhem shares equal time with two people finding, protecting and holding on to the one person in the world they will ever, truly love. My February 2110 release, A BABY BETWEEN THEM, received four stars from RT magazine: "This is one scary fun and rocking ride filled with danger." I love that review -- and if this is the kind of book you love, too, I hope you'll let me know. Feel free to browse and thanks for dropping by.


Current releases - The Open Sky Series

Westin's Wyoming Westin's Wyoming
Released September 2011

Welcome to the world of the Open Sky Ranch where the men are as rugged as the jagged peaks that surround them.  The series begins with WESTIN'S WYOMING, release date September 2011.  Pierce, the rebellious brother, left Wyoming as a young man planning never to return.  A desperate call from his older brother brings him back -- and it's not long before he realizes that in his heart, he never really left.  When a beautiful woman  with a heap load of trouble lands on his doorstep it's up to him to protect not only her but the land he loves.

The series continues in October with the release of WESTIN LEGACY.  In this book, Adam teams up with Echo, the step-cousin he hasn't seen in many years.  Together, they uncover secrets of a past that threatens to destroy the future.

And in November 2011, the final book in the Open Sky series, WESTIN FAMILY TIES showcases Cody, the oldest of the brothers, as he struggles to keep his marriage -- and his wife -- alive.

westin legacyWestin Legacy
To be released October 2011

From the moment Echo De Gris mysteriously returned to the Open Sky Ranch, Adam Westin felt the sparks fly. The girl he'd known was all grown up, however, trouble still followed her wherever she went. She'd barely been in town a day when she was shot at, chased, and stumbled upon a dying man. And yet the high-spirited beauty insisted on being involved in ferreting out the truth behind the town's deadly secrets. Frustrated with the slow investigation, Adam and Echo took refuge in some much-needed tension relief. But their reprieve was short-lived when whoever was targeting Echo suddenly set his sights on destroying the Westin family ranch—and the man who took pride in its legacy.…

westin family tiesWestin Family Ties
To be released November 2011

Cody Westin had been a man on a mission since the moment his wife, Cassie, walked away under a cloud of secrecy. She had her reasons, but a Westin never gives up without a fight. So when, after six long months, he was reunited with the woman he'd sworn to love, honor and cherish, it was her very pregnant belly and the fact that she'd been accused of unspeakable crimes that made him realize just how much had changed. Knowing she'd be safer by his side, they headed back to Wyoming and the life Cassie seemed desperate to leave behind. Unfortunately, danger followed, and now Cody not only had a marriage to protect, but the lives of those who mattered most. Would the trouble bring them closer together—or tear their newfound family apart?

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